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SSL Secure Proxy is a fast and free secure Proxy service that allows you to browse the Internet unrestricted and unblock access to any content that is not available or blocked at your current location. All connections to and from our servers are encrypted over a 256bit SSL connection which is the industry standard for secure browsing online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions and we got answers! Here are the more common questions asked about our service. If you still have questions check out our About page or just contact us at any time.

Is Secure?
Yes. SSL Secure Proxy is secure and uses the industry standard for establishing a secure connection from a users browser to our servers. We only accept connection over SSL and instantly redirect any requests attempting to connect not using SSL. is a HSTS enabled domain.
If you are unable to watch a video on YouTube or other video websites due to an error stating that the video is not available in your area or country just copy and paste that video URL into the proxy URL form at the top of the page and click on GO. Thats it, we'll grab the video and show it directly to you without any sort of blocks.
We allow everyone using our service to change their outgoing IP address and even choose the Proxy server they are connecting through. Just click on the drop down menus by our proxy form and choose the locations you wish to use.
Normally you will have the fastest speeds connecting through our Proxy Server location which is located closes to your real location. For this reason we automatically choose the Proxy server closest to you to serve your requests but you are free to change these settings if you like.

About our Free Web Proxy

Unblock Videos

Watch videos in any country and bypass any sort of copyright restrictions.

Multiple Proxy Locations

SSL Secure Proxy has Proxy Servers in 10 different locations while offering outgoing IP address from more than 20 different locations!


We do not impose any sort of bandwidth speed or download limit on any of our servers.

Easy to use

Just enter the website you want to view in the proxy form above and click go.

Data encryption

All connections are made over a 256 bit SSL secure connection, even if the website you are viewing through the proxy does not support SSL we will serve it to you over a secure connection.

Optimized for Video supports a wide range of video websites, we also support watching streams.

No Logs

SSL Secure Proxy does not store logs at any of our locations and all session data is automatically deleted every 2 hours.

Use your own HTTP Proxy!

We allow you to enter in your own HTTP Proxy to use as an out going address that we will tunnel all your requests through.

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